Q-Bis in Brazil – A note on our journey to BITS, the Business Matchmaking event

About a month and a half ago, we have announced the participation of the Q-Bis team at BITS – an event aiming to promote European, Brazilian and generally Latin American based software manufacturing companies, which took place in Porto Alegre, Brasil, between the 14th and 15th of May.

With the help of ARIES – The Romanian Electronic Industry and Software Association, alongside the Romanian Ministry of Commerce and Business Environment and the Romanian Foreign Investment and Commerce Promotion, we have been able to present our products and services and participate at pre-established business meetings with the South American companies.

Q-Bis has accomplished the task behind this journey, tying up business relationships with the representatives of the various companies and organizations such as ASESPRO – the Brazilian version of ARIES, or with the esteemed members of the Porto Alegre prefecture. We will reveal more about the possible future projects, so stay tuned to our newsfeed!

Last but definitely not least, we want to thank ARIES for offering us such a great opportunity and invite you to have a look over the pictures we took at the event and some links with articles, published online by various e-zines, mentioning Q-Bis and debating the event.

The Q-Bis team











Q-Bis style success at Eyeforpharma 2013

As you might have known, the Q-Bis Consult team is participating each year at the world famous Eyeforpharma event in Barcelona. It is basically the most important event dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry bringing together a host of elite speakers and industry personalities, representing every respectable company, while offering visitors a glance into this complex environment through debates and presentations.

Up to this point, Eyeforpharma has been by far the most successful occasion to promote the Q-Bis products and services in 2013. We have established connections, tied bonds and managed to create awareness on the CRM integrated CML concept, as being one of the most important and effective marketing instruments available.

Since we enjoy traveling very much, it is our pleasure to let you in on our future journeys into new markets where we are boldly setting foot this year: Porto Alegre, in Brazil and Shanghai, China. Please click on the images if we have sparked your curiosity:

Pharma 2013: Sales & Marketing Excellence

A Chinese market oriented conference, Pharma 2013 will offer insight on the repercussions of the economic growth on the pharmaceutical market, it will highlight the value of the optimized commercial model. Keynote presentations and case studies from industry leaders will be featured, as well as benchmark sales and marketing operations best practices, in order to help participants to successfully penetrate the Chinese market.

By accessing the following link, you can take a look over the complete list of speakers and the subjects brought into discussion: Pharma 2013

Q-Bis at BITS – Business Matchmaking

BITS focuses on promoting software manufacturing companies hailing from Europe, Brazil and all across Latin America, having the Q-Bis Consult team among the participants thanks to ARIES – The Romanian Electronic Industry and Software Association, also with the aid of the Romanian Ministry of Commerce and Business Environment and the...

'Q-Bis will be present in Barcelona's Eyeforpharma for the 7th consecutive time

Our team is proudly announcing our participation at Eyeforpharma 2013 - the prestigious international pharma industry event happening in Barcelona between the 19th and the 21st of March.

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Integrated CML system - the next great wonder in the pharma industry!

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Sales Force Effectiveness 2012

We are proud to announce that 2012 is the 6th consecutive year in which Q-Bis Consult is sponsoring the SFE Event. SFE has become a very important business event in the pharmaceutical field, developing itself into a leading information center which can’t be found anywhere else, simply because it’s the...

Agenda CRM is now on Android!

And by that we mean that you can have your activities recorded in real time, you'll receive highly accurate information and will have an optimized workflow - curious to know how you can use all these - Click here to find out some more!...