Integrated CML

gives you inside information. instantly

What is CML?

CML is the abbreviation for Continuous Medical Learning system, which on its own is nothing more than a tool which gathers info from the physicians.

The CRM integration

The medical representative can use the CML system so that he may get important information during his visits, with the aid of a tablet on which the system is implemented and a presentation. All the answers obtained are transmitted in real time towards the marketing department due to the fact that the CML system is integrated in the CRM unit.

Why is it so good for you?

No more wasted time

The info goes straight to the marketing department if there's an available connection. If not, the data synchronization feature will allow the data to be transmitted in under a minute, once the rep connects the tablet to the internet.

No more missing/filtered data

Due to the fact that all the information is transmitted almost instantaneously. The usual delay caused by the fact that the representatives are usually making their reports after a day's work and filtering the data themselves, is no longer an issue.

Integration is the key

The CML system is integrated in Agenda CRM will prove its worth with each of your reps visits, drastically changing the way in which the information flow really works! Speed and accuracy are what the integrated CML system provides, offering you the possibility to access relevant results which will make the difference in the constantly evolving world of the pharmaceutical industry.