Q-Bis style success at Eyeforpharma 2013

As you might have known, the Q-Bis Consult team is participating each year at the world famous Eyeforpharma event in Barcelona. It is basically the most important event dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry bringing together a host of elite speakers and industry personalities, representing every respectable company, while offering visitors a glance into this complex environment through debates and presentations.

Up to this point, Eyeforpharma has been by far the most successful occasion to promote the Q-Bis products and services in 2013. We have established connections, tied bonds and managed to create awareness on the CRM integrated CML concept, as being one of the most important and effective marketing instruments available.

Since we enjoy traveling very much, it is our pleasure to let you in on our future journeys into new markets where we are boldly setting foot this year: Porto Alegre, in Brazil and Shanghai, China. Please click on the images if we have sparked your curiosity: