'3rd Poland Pharma Commerce Forum' - What we saw and what we did in Warsaw

May, 30th and the 31st - the two days dedicated to the pharma industry in Warsaw, have drawn our team to the '3rd Polland Pharma Commerce Forum'. This was a very special occasion for us, as we got the opportunity of presenting our products and making friends among the important people in the local market, as well as offering new perspectives on using dedicated software instruments.

The conference topics were revolving around debating the evolution of the pharmaceutical market in Poland, the way in which the laws are affecting it, as well as methods and strategies regarding the improvement of the sales processes or the results obtained by the Polish companies.

Q-Bis Consult's top selling solution - Agenda CRM (the only available solution, capable of successfully integrating the sales data, KPI and SFA in a unitary interface) and the integrated CML (Continuous Medical Learning) concept, have drawn everyone's attention as the most interesting dedicated software presented at the conference. The topic developed around our products, was presented by Mr. Przemysław Mełgieś, CM Sanofi in Ucraine - one of the most respected and recognized professionals in the pharmaceutical industry - under the name of 'Real Time CRM: Real time integration of data transmissions serving the individual needs of physicians'.

The conclusion drawn after the presentation, sparked a true revelation regarding the new perspectives of the integrated CML concept, which is due to be developed further during this year. After the event, we have set new paths for the near future of our products, as well as for extending the Agenda CRM implementation process in Poland, where Q-Bis has been already active for over 2 years.

Until next time, we are always glad to answer your questions or send feedback regarding our products if necessary.

The Q-Bis team