Agenda CRM Tour

The Agenda ETMS User Interface was designed to provide the users with an interface which was both familiar and easy to use. The result is a diary-like, intuitive interface, helping users focus on "WHAT" they want to do and not on "HOW" they have to do it.

The "Physicians" Module

The first and most important module of the Agenda ETMS is concerning the physicians. Each physician can be identified in an alphabetical list, or with the aid of the Advanced search feature, using several search criteria.

Information regarding a physician is grouped in 4 major categories:

  • General information
  • Information regarding the medical units where the physician is working
  • Detailed calls history
  • Information regarding events where the physician was present (such as congresses or round tables)

The 'Activities' section, groups all relevant details regarding calls. Thus, the medical representative will always have fast access to the calls history. In the same section we can find the call scheduling facility, so the medical representative will only have to check the recommended call frequency and the schedule the next call in few mouse clicks.

Here are the available recorded details for each call:

  • Call date and hour;
  • Call type (already performed or scheduled);
  • If the medical representative was assisted or not by ASM, PM, etc.;
  • Products (drugs) promoted during the call and the physician's commitment, if any;
  • In case the customer is using the "promotional messages" approach, the delivered message will also be recorded;
  • Gifts, promotional materials or samples used during the call (including the used quantity);
  • The medical represetnative's personal comments regarding the call.

The "Workplaces" Module

The second module of the Agenda ETMS, is dealing with medical centers (also called workplaces). We provided the same user friendly facilities as well as the Quick search and Advanced search features.

Here's how the information related to a medical center was structured:

  • Organizational structure - based on departments
  • Persons related to each department
  • Workplace identification information
  • Activities performed by the medical representative at this workplace

Just as in the "Physicians" Module, the 'Activities' section centralizes all the necessary details regarding calls and calls history.

These are the possible recorded details for each call:

  • Call date and hour
  • Call type (already performed or scheduled)
  • If the medical representative was assisted or not by ASM, PM etc.
  • Products promoted during the call and the medical representative's comments for each product from the list;
  • Gifts, promotional materials, samples and other support materials used during the call (including the quantity used)

The "Calendar" Module

The third module is the "Calendar" Module which offers an ensemble view of the medical representative's daily activity. This is combined with one-click in-depth picture and detailed work time allocation of the medical representative can be recorded here as well.

The information for an whole year is displayed, showing the exact days when the medical representative was doing the calls or the days which were spent with other activities, such as participating at congresses, training or others.

With a single click on a row representing a month, a detailed view of the activity of the medical representative is shown on a daily basis.

The following details are available:

  • Call date and hour
  • If it was a planned or realized call
  • Promoted products and the order in which they've been presented
  • The medical representative's personal comments regarding the call, if any

Detailed work time allocation is recorded in this screen too, under "Note" tab. The possible recorded information is:

  • Type of activity performed
  • Percentage of time spent for each activity during a working day
  • The medical representative's comments, if any

Secondary Modules

In addition to the main modules above, users have access to the following secondary modules:

  • Congress - in this module, the medical rep has access to and can manage recorded data from "congress" type activities (organized by a third party and where the competition can also be present)
  • Round tables - Events organized and funded only by the company are being recorded in this section;
  • News - An internal bulletin board. Messages posted here are delivered to every member of the team. This module is especially useful for exchanging hot news and rumors from the market, in addition to management directives, as the "news" pop up automatically after every database synchronization, if of course there are new messages available
  • Expenses - This section is designed to facilitate fund management and financial reporting of each medical representative