Agenda CRM

A solution meant to monitor the territorial activity of medical representatives. It has the shortest implementation time and it is highly scalable, being suitable for 5 up to 1000 sales representatives. It has a flexible and powerful reports engine with "drill down" capability which, alongside high end security features, transforms activity reports into business intelligence.

And now, starting with 2012, Agenda CRM is also available to Android smartphone users!

Main Features

Here are the main reasons for which Agenda CRM will not only help your reps to achieve better results, but provide more time and resources for you to use in your endeavors. How? Let's take a look below:

Data Synchronization

Agenda CRM has the fastest data synchronization in the industry, with timing reaching under a minute in the majority of cases. The synchronization is always encrypted, fact which offers high security even in the conditions of using an internet connection without VPN. It's about time you wasted less time!


It doesn't matter if you have a small team of 5-10 people or a whole army to take care of. Agenda CRM can be installed from 5 to 1000 users (online workstations are used for top management) keeping the same conditions for the final user. The server and the database can be partitioned in many physical units, thus raising the number of users by adding hardware.


After a case study including all our clients, we have concluded that Agedna CRM is functional 99,9% of the time, the intervals in which the system is not functional being taken into consideration. That means Agenda CRM is basically active 24/7 all year round!

Integrated CML

The CML (Continuous Medical Learning) concept, is based on gathering information with the aid of a tablet and transmitting it during the medical rep's visit to the physician. Due to its integration with the Agenda CRM, it's fast and efficient and it will prove helpful even when there's no available connection in the area.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to understand and use, as with all our applications, the Agenda CRM allows fast access to user expense registration, an ASM Coaching module, a testing/evaluation system and a SFA module

Short Implementation Time

It requires only 4 hours of training vs. a few days, in the case of other applications available on the market and it’s based on intuitive design of processes used in daily routine (thus, no electronic systems knowhow is required)

Want to learn more? Take the tour

We thought it might be useful to offer you a brief tour through all of Agenda CRM's modules, each fully packed with the necessary explanations one would need in order to get a good grasp on the functionality of our software. You might decide it is even more useful than we think after seeing what each module can do, so click on the icon to start!

Interested in the price?

As our software can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of your company, we would be delighted to answer all of your questions. We will definitely offer you a good price, based on what you tell us, so please go ahead and send us a message. We'll be contacting you right away!

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System Requirements

The technical part which everyone wants to know about, before buying a software! Well, click on the link below and we are guaranteeing a nice surprise, as our software will not need a NASA computer to be fully functional.

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Tech Support

Got questions or you are in the unlikely situation when your installed version of the Agenda CRM is playing odd tricks? Contact us and we'll get to it right away!

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