Who is Q-Bis?

We are a team specialized in consulting, development and implementation of Business Intelligence Solutions through the eyes of our customers. By that we mean to help our clients integrate sales and marketing solutions for achieving a sustained competitive advantage. At Q-Bis Consult we anticipate the impact of industry challenges and keeps our clients ahead of the curve, by offering user friendly, efficient and knowledge-intensive solutions and services. We don't want you to take our word for it - try our products and see for yourself!

We have created the acclaimed Agenda CRM application – a solution meant to monitor the territorial activity of medical representatives.

As it is always being developed towards higher performance, the Agenda CRM is on a continuous journey for meeting the high expectations and challenges which are ever present in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the shortest implementation time and it is highly scalable, being suitable for 5 up to 1000 sales representatives.

Regardless of the fact that the connectivity environment could be low, the Agenda CRM has been equipped with the fastest data synchronisation engine available, making dat a transfer an easy task. Another important aspect lies in the fact that the application is now available online, allowing real time data access from anywhere and at any time, on various types of devices.

Agenda CRM has a flexible and powerful reports engine with "drill down" capability, which alongside high end security features, transforms activity reports into busines s intelligence.

Our Mission

When we started qBis Consult, we knew what sort of problems the medical reps were facing, simply because we started out as medical reps ourselves and it was only natural for us to be able to understand the real situation.

In time we have aimed to develop applications which are simple and intuitive on the outside and complex on the inside so that they may be reliable and efficient for our clients. We did this because we know how important our only real resource - time - is and our gift to our clients was as much time as we could save them from wondering aimlessly through needles buttons and slow processing, worrying because of security issues and training employees without obtaining the desired results.

Our prowess is the reflection of our customers’ reactions and results.